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Summary of article on Effective Professional Development

I enjoyed reading the recent article by Edna Sackson. She reflected upon some of the salient points of professional learning and the list that she compiled “struck a chord.”

I will summarize a few of the points here.

1. She explained that professional learning needs to be conceptual whereby key ideas or issues are presented in a manner that shift or challenge the way that you think about teaching and learning.

2. Another key aspect of professional learning that results in success is the opportunity for teachers to take autonomy over their pathways and to be inquiry driven.

3. She highlighted the importance of collaborative and creative opportunities for professional learning.

4. Finally, no-one size fits all – there has to be enjoyment and personalization of the learning. As well there has to be a means of reflecting upon the educational journey.

The article then asks, “What’s been your best professional learning experience? Did it fit the above criteria? What have a I missed?”

My most enjoyable and effective professional learning experiences have involved the above criteria :participating, creating and communicating with peers.

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